Casket Bodies (to fit a variety of chassis)

Custom Made - High Quality Parts - Choose from 4, 10, 15 or 40 carrier
The New Harrisburg Truck Body Company has long been a quality manufacturer of casket bodies, engineered for the safest transportation of a product that cannot arrive damaged.

Specifications - Aerodynamically designed aluminum casket body:


1.  Interior Load Space:  12'-26' in length, 56" or 84" height

2.  Floor:  3/4" mariner plywood with two (2) full length skid strips

3.  Shelving:  galvanized steel; one (1) row in 56" height or two (2) rows in the 84" height

4.  Body Panels:  prepainted white aluminum over high strength aluminum square tubing

5.  Read Door:  two (2) panel plymetal or over head door configuration

6.  Elevator Hoist:  12v MyTe winch with faster 113 gear ratio

7.  New 4" bolted pully blocks with brass bushings for longer life and less maintenance

8.  Interior Lights:  one (1)

9.  Exterior Lights:  per FMVSS-108 with reflectors

10. Roof:  one (1) piece translucent or aluminum roofing, tension installed

11. Mud Flaps:  with rear frame painted white or spray on bed liner

12. Removable lift arms with storage in 6" conduit carrier mounted under the body

2019 - NEW Harrisburg Truck Body

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