Selected Works

KUV Body

An enclosed body type provides shelter from the elements to allow workers to perform work from inside the back of the vehicle.  Can be customized with cabinets, shelves, lights, accessory power and seating.  Outside, body contains multiple compartments for storing tools and supplies.

Crane Service Body

A service body with multiple outside compartments for storing tools and supplies.  Crane assembly for hoisting heavy items. 

Western Service Body

Low walls with outside compartments for storing tool and supplies.  Inside platform for hauling larger items. 

Adrian Steel
Various Adrian Steel products that are available for installation on your work van. Let us help you find a layout that works best for you!
BOSS Plows & Spreaders
We carry many BOSS plows, spreaders, and parts in our inventory. Needing to repair your existing plow or spreader, or do you want to build your own plow? Give the Parts Department a call! Would you rather have someone else install your new plow or Spreader? If so, call our Installed Sales office to get you set up!  
Glo-Brite 1240-899 Kit
Are you looking to replace the rear taillights on your dump bed? But, you're having trouble finding them? We have a solution for you! Unfortunately, the company that manufactured the Glo-Brite 1240-899 lights went out of business a while ago. So, we made our own replacement kit! Our kit consists of a 4"round multi-function light, a rubber grommet, a pigtail for the light, and a piece of steel plate to mount the light in. The steel comes unfinished, that way you can paint it to match your truck. And, since an LED version of the 1240-899 was never made, you could always swap out our standard lights for LED versions!! Our kit allows the new lights to be seen from both the rear and side of the vehicle. And, since these lights we offer are used on many types of vehicles, they're DOT compliant!

2019 - NEW Harrisburg Truck Body

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